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  • Dr.
    Gregory J. Hicks
    D.C., P.C.

    Dr. Gregory Hicks attended Eastern Michigan University and Central Michigan University for pre-med studies and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, GA in 1982. Dr. Hicks has pursued post-graduate training in Advance

    s in Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques for pediatric and geriatrics, X-ray Diagnosis, MRI, Digital Thermography, and Nutrition. He participated in a Juvenile Asthma study with the results being published by Life Chiropractic University-West. Dr. Hicks is a Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) Practitioner. NRT is a method that is used to uncover unresolved health problems.

    The results provide Dr. Hicks the information he needs to design a personalized nutritional program for his patient, to bring their body back to normal balance and function. Dr. Hicks lectures at local groups and organizations promoting chiropractic care and nutritional wellness for newborns through adulthood, diet and nutrition, wellness weight loss, digestive disorders, hormone balancing, food and chemical sensitivity, detoxification and purification, and stress management.

    Dr. Hicks has two practice locations, one in Milford and the other in Livonia. He and his wife Joanne reside in Commerce Twp. They have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. His goal is to provide chiropractic and nutritional care for the entire family using the latest treatment methods.

Doctors Speakers Bureau

Dr. Hicks will come to your group and speak at No Charge on the topic of your choice!

Our Most popular topics include:

 *Wellness Weight Loss  *Muscle Testing
 *Raising Healthy Children Naturally  *Anti-Aging Diet Program
 *Natural Solutions to Digestive Disorders  *Designed Clinical Nutrition
 *Detoxification and Purification  *Food and Chemical Sensitivity

Choose from one of our Ready Made Presentations, or ask Dr. Hicks to design a NEW Workshop specifically for your group

Call 248-714-6127 to set up your workshop!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    In 2006, I was scheduled by a Cardiologist to have a Heart Catheterization. I had been having constriction and tightness in my chest, so I sought the opinion of Dr. Hicks. He showed me where my neck was subluxated and told me he was sure an adjustment would remedy my situation. He was right! I felt immediate relief and my symptoms have never returned.

    -Jeannine K.

    In May 2010 I had been hit in the head with a softball and had a concussion. Soon after I began having severe migranes and headaches. After two MRI studies, the medical doctor prescribed me Sumatriptan which is a painkiller. I suffered from the migranes for 14 months until I met Dr. Hicks. He gave me my first adjustment and my mom and Dr. Hicks noticed that the color in my face went from pale to pink immediately! My migranes have disappeared and I rarely even get a headache. Thank you Dr. Hicks!

    -Brenna B. age 17, South Lyon

    My husband and I were apprehensive about seeing a Chiropractor but Dr. Hicks put us both at ease. The treatments we have received have helped both of us far beyond our expectations. Not only have the adjustments been beneficial but our eating habits and sleep patterns have greatly improved. Dr. Hicks listens to our concerns and keeps finding ways to improve our well being. Both Joanne and Dr. Hicks have made us feel a part of their family.

    -Elizabeth & A.J.

    I have had sinus problems for 25 years. It caused me to lose my voice every year and I love to sing at my church. I was also unable to smell or taste food for years. Now, with regular chiropractic care along with nutritional supplements, I have regained my sense of smell and taste. Also, I have not had to miss singing for my church on Sunday mornings thanks to Dr. Hicks!

    -Barbra R.